If you have a mini chef at home who loves spending time in the kitchen, signing them up for cooking classes is more than worth it!
Children will learn important kitchen skills, they’ll hone their math skills while also working on school projects, they’ll become more articulate and confident when communicating with others, and they’ll even have fun just making some gooey gloop.
Plus, many of these classes teach children about healthy eating and nutrition – perfect for those times when all your youngster wants to do is eat hot dogs. There’s no guarantee that kids will take an interest in the culinary arts after this experience – but it is a good idea as something else to sign them up for if nothing else!

Let’s take a look at some great places where kids can enjoy cooking classes in San Antonio:

At Young Chefs Academy, kids will be building, developing, and sharpening culinary skills in structured lessons planned around a unique monthly theme.  JuniorChefs™, SeniorChefs™, and KinderCooks® programs serve all ages and skill levels. Attended individually or weekly as a Young Chefs Academy member! 

The Academy also offers Culinary Camps that are packed with fun, skills, and hands-on culinary application. Each camp is an immersive adventure built around an interesting theme. Enjoy a deep dive into cooking that celebrates special holidays and popular culinary topics with awesome workshops and special events!

There are many options to choose from at Young Chefs Academy for your little chef!

20330 Huebner Rd, Ste.110, San Antonio, TX 78258

Sur La Table is a popular kitchen store with locations across the country.

 Besides selling appliances and kitchen tools, this shop offers cooking classes to chefs of all ages and skill levels! Make sure to check the calendar and see if there’s any class happening for your mini chef!

15900 La Cantera Pkwy #19120, San Antonio, TX

Jr. Bakers allows young bakers to learn the fundamentals of baking- from reading recipes to measuring out ingredients.

Bakers learn and practice their skills by baking and decorating their own goods. Recipes are created to allow young bakers to challenge themselves and grow in the kitchen environment.

P..O. Box 680216 San Antonio, TX 78238

The CIA in San Antonio offers family-friendly classes.

You will connect with your family in the fun and fabulous kitchens at the CIA. Your mini chef can enjoy a Young Chef experience on their own or join them for one of the family classes and get cooking together.

312 Pearl Parkway, Building 2, Suite 2102, San Antonio, TX 78215

The Culinary Cottage offers 100% hands-on cooking classes for all levels of cooks!

The small group classes are designed for 6-8 people, and each class covers fundamental techniques so there’s always something to learn!  Plus, you’ll have fun cooking together as a group and enjoying a meal with new friends.  

18771 Farm-to-Market Road 2252, Building 8, San Antonio, TX 78266

At the San Antonio Botanical Garden, families can learn together to foster an appreciation of plants in the hands-on gardening and cooking workshops.

Check out the calendar to find the upcoming family workshops.