Today’s world needs a space for relaxation and connection with ourselves. Any city is flooded with yoga and meditation classes for adults, but what about kids?

Children who practice yoga on a daily basis can experience benefits ranging from heightened self-esteem to stress reduction. This mind-body practice focuses on breathing techniques, meditation, and poses.
Here are some of the many advantages yoga can provide kids:
It builds self-esteem.
Enhances strength and flexibility
Refines balance and coordination
Strengthens the mind-body connection
Develops focus and concentration

Currently, yoga is becoming more popular when it comes to activities for kids. It’s even being incorporated into after-school programs and gym classes.
If you’re a parent in San Antonio who wants to give their kids a chance at this awesome activity, here’s a list of yoga classes available for kids in and around the city:

The perfect class for kids to breathe, stretch, and grow!

Kids Yoga is designed for all children ages 7–12. This class will help them develop their balancing skills, flexibility, coordination, and focus.

Wednesdays at 4:15 – 5 PM

YMCA at O.P. Schnabel Park

FamilyFlow Yoga® in San Antonio, TX, is all about teaching kids and teens yoga. They offer private and family yoga sessions, group retreats, and special training for yoga teachers who work with children (RCYT-95).

At FamilyFlow Yoga®, kids and teens learn to connect their mind and body. They use mindful breathing to help kids and teens feel more confident and aware of themselves.

San Antonio, TX

The Yoga Day Foundation helps families in San Antonio by offering yoga and mindfulness training in schools, hospitals, and the community. This program is suitable for kids from kindergarten to high school.

In these classes, children will do activities to help them concentrate and balance, exercises to make them stronger and more flexible, and breathing exercises for self-control and stress relief. They’ll also have fun with games and learn mindfulness techniques they can use anytime.

San Antonio, TX 78216

Concrete Yoga offers Baby+Me and Kids’ Yoga classes!

These classes for the little ones are super fun, especially when the parents get to be involved and bond with their kids. Be sure to arrive early with plenty of time to get your space set up.
These classes can be scheduled or requested.

203 Rawe Ave, Cibolo, TX 78108